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Etymotic earphones Canada

Our first experience of etymotic was in a basement in Mayfair, London in 2004. We were selling earphones in the UK and etymotic were gaining huge popularity. Ever since then there has been a special place in our hearts since our first pair of ER-4 and we are excited to represent etymotic here in Canada. etymotic have been around a lot longer than that, in fact they were founded in 1983 by Mead Killion, Ph.D. Like many earphone companies they started out in the audio/hearing business and moved into audio for music pleasure as the company grew. Initially they worked on products benefit people suffering hearing loss, or protect people at risk of hearing loss. 

etymotic are now known for more than audio protection and hearing improvements. They created their first HiFi earphones (the ER-4) in 1991 and haven't slowed down since. They still produce the ER-4 in two models ER-4pt and ER-4s. The etymotic ER-4 earphone is a cult classic and you'll be amazed at the audio quality for such a small portable unit. Check out their other models, including the hf2. You'll like what you hear.

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