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Cayin N5 Portable Music Player Canada

Cayin N5 Portable Music Player

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Cayin have released the N5 portable music player at a great price point with great features and quality. Like all Cayin products the attention to design and retail unboxing experience are top class. The N5 is a DSD Lossless music player with a USB mode (asynchronized USB Audio 2.0 Class). DFF and DSF encoding 64 and 128.

The Cayin N5 uses the same display as the N6 with improved UI. The DAC is an AKM 4490 which can do DSD native decoding. With the N5 internal storage has given way to increased MicroSD capabilities (dual slots) - max 256GB. We like the microSD option as it creates the option to change out our music quickly. Battery life is around 9 hours.

The processing of the N5 creates a very detailed signature. The amp is powerful and low listening volumes are easily obtained - it drives well, leaving lots of volume headroom. The DAC chip is the AK4490EQ (same in the AK380) which creates a rich, textured and fast musical experience. 

The Cayin N5 is a strong portable audio player at a great price.


Phones Out (Bal)
Power rating: 300mW+300mW(@32Ω)
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz(±0.2dB,Fs=192kHz);5-50kHz(±1dB,Fs=192kHz)
THD+N: 0.006% (1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
Dynamic Range: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
SNR: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

Phones Out (Single End)
Power rating: 200mW+200mW(@32Ω)
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz(±0.2dB,Fs=192kHz)
; 5-50kHz(±1dB,Fs=192kHz)
THD+N: 0.006% (1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
Dynamic Range: 108dB (20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
SNR: 108dB (20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
Output Impedance; 0.26Ω

Line Out
Output Level: 2.0V (@10kΩ)
Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (±0.2dB,Fs=192kHz;THD+N: 0.005% (1kHz,Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
Dynamic Range: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)
SNR: 108dB(20Hz-20kHz,A-Weighted)

4200mAh 3.7V Lithium polymer
~9 HRS
Charging: ~3 HRS (with 2A Charger, not provided)
Charging Current: <=1500mA when charge with 2A Charger,
<=500mA when charge with computer USB port
Recommended Headphone impedance Range: 16-300Ω

Music Format (Local Storage)
DSF,DFF,SACD-ISO: Native hardware decode DSD64 and DSD128
APE: Up to 192kHz/24Bit(Support Fast and Normal compression only )
FLAC,WAV,AIFF: Up to 192kHz/24Bit

USB Audio(DAC)
USB Mode: Asynchronized USB Audio 2.0 Class
DSD: Support DoP (DSD64)
PCM: Up to 192kHz/24Bit
Windows: Support (Driver required); MAC OSx: Support;iOS: Not support;Android: Not support

Noise Isolation: 
Build Quality: 
Bass Response: 
Mid Response: 
High Response: 

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