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etymotic hf2 Canada - black

Etymotic hf2 earphone

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The Etymotic hf2 is a balanced armature earphone with a 1 button inline control making it perfect for getting hifi sound while using it with your phone or portable music player. Offering noise-isolation and hifi, including an inline single button for phone usage (play, pause, volume etc - compatible with most phones). These earbuds can be worn behind the neck or in front and have a cable slider to create a secure fit. They are an amazing travelling earphone - having a small form factor plus the inline control to use with your iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc. Like all the earphones we sell you need to make sure you have a good seal/fit in the ears - otherwise these will sound worse than a pair of packaged phone earbuds. Considering the price these really do have an amazing sound - really great HiFi canal earphones.

Delivering 20Hz - 15kHz in a small form factor the Etymotic hf2 get great reviews all over. They deliver 35db noise reduction with the ACCU-fit eartips.

Etymotic offer the option to have custom moulds made also, if you prefer to. The hf2 also come with AWARENESS - an app Etymotic developed which allows your earphones to listen to the sounds around you. If the sound is louder than typical ambient noise then you hear it in the earphones (Android and iOS - free on the App store - has mixed reviews).

We have a soft spot for etymotic and have been fans of their earphones for years. The sound quality out of something so petite is impressive.

The hf2 come with:

  • 4 foot cable (Kevlar reinforced - that's a nice addition)
  • Assorted eartips
  • Filter tool
  • Storage pouch
Headphone Type: 
in-ear (IEM)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Balanced armature
  • Noise Isolation: 35-42 dB
  • Impedance (@1 kHz): 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz) SPL at 0.1V: 105 dB
Best for...: 
Price conscious
Light Travelers
Heavy Travelers
Noise Isolation: 
Build Quality: 
Bass Response: 
Mid Response: 
High Response: 


By Joey (not verified) on
Your rating: 4

+ Great sound if you like a mostly neutral frequency response
+ Big soundstage
+ Great build quality, doesn't feel like any parts will break anytime soon
+ Honest sound reproduction, good clarity
+ Pleasant mids, crisp highs; little to no sibliance if you get the right seal
- You might find the bass anemic if you are a basshead; as a treblehead I find it perfectly balanced
- The mic/pause button module seems unnecessarily large, especially since it doesn't have volume up/down buttons. It is also placed way too high on the cord, making it hard to wrap the right cable around the ear if you like to do that
- I didn't find any of the included tips to provide a good/comfortable seal, so I bought Shure Olive tips which work perfectly with these IEMs


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By Cristian (not verified) on
Your rating: 5

This is by far the best headphones I ever had. I'm impressed by two main things:

- Sound: It is crystal, warm, and not tiring for the ears.
- Isolation: it is fairly incredible the amount of noise that they are able to stop with the included ear-tips

Other than this, I would say that it just take some days to decide which earplug fits better in your ear. Note that if you don't wear this in-ear phones (actual in canal headphones) properly, you will just listen to a tiny sound going out from them. For this reason, proper fit is imperative. In my case, I got the best fit from the comply foam plugs. As for the mic, people at the other side can properly hear, but it is necessary to make sure that it is pointing to my mouth. Finally, the quality of the headphones is very good. I can feel they are going to last for a while. Price is very

Overall, as I said, amazing earphones, specially for this price.

Headphones Canada did an excellent job by delivering the shipment on time. I really liked the service, and specially I appreciated a lot the killer price that beat all other websites where I was looking for these headphones (even Amazon). I will definitely come back to Headphones Canada for my next purchase.

Montreal, Quebec
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